Administrative Core

Principal Investigator and Component Director: Paul J. Gruenewald, Ph.D.


Administrative Core Activities

The Core component of the “Environmental Approaches to Prevention” Research Center Grant of Prevention Research Center performs organizing and administrative functions supporting the infrastructure critical to the goals and aims of Center grant components in the current Center round, from December 1, 2012 through November 30, 2017. The Core has coordinating responsibility over all Center grant research components as well as other funded research projects that are not a part of the Center Grant. Scientific standards and public awareness are primary functions of the Core. Core responsibilities are both internal, supporting scientific and administrative integration of Center research components, and external, supporting the continued development of alcohol prevention research in general.

Major internal functions of the Core include: Executive Function, Administrative Support, Computer/ Statistical Support, and Research Reference. The administrative time of the Principal Investigator and Scientific Director, Dr. Paul J. Gruenewald, a Geographic Information System Specialist serving all research components of the Center, Mr. Andrew Gaidus, and financial support for meetings of the 10 members of the Scientific Advisory Council are each directly supported by the Core. Prevention Research Center, and its parent corporation Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, provide indirect support for information technology services, facilities management, and recruitment of personnel and computer/statistical support functions including word processing, graphic design capability, and additional database management. The Research Reference function includes maintenance of the alcohol prevention library.

Since alcohol prevention research is multi-disciplinary, the Center cannot function in isolation. PRC staff are involved in a range of activities designed to create scientific bases for public discussion about alcohol issues and contribute to awareness and rational public debate. Therefore, the major external functions of the Core support participation in scientific and professional meetings, conference sponsorship, consultation, participation in advisory groups, expert panels or direct technical assistance, providing testimony, research review, editorial review, professional associations, and training.