What is PRC's Mission?

The mission of PRC is to conduct basic scientific research on the etiology ongoing maintenance of alcohol and other drug-related problems that will lead to the development and testing of innovative preventive intervention programs. The goal of prevention science research is to understand the individual, social, political and environmental circumstances related to adverse health outcomes. PRC operates with the following goals: (1) to undertake innovative basic research that contributes to cost-effective prevention programs and policies at the local, state, and national levels; (2) to undertake research of applied and/or practical importance to prevention policies and programs in the prevention of alcohol and other drug-related problems, especially in the area of environmental factors; (3) to summarize new and existing knowledge about prevention theories, methods, policies, and programs, and to disseminate this information to professional, academic, and community audiences; and (4) to provide multidisciplinary training and research opportunities.